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SHED Talks

{Fourth Monday of Every Month}

Grape Street Bar & Grill is closed on Mondays with the exception of SHED Talks that meets there on the fourth Monday of every month. If you have any questions about this event we ask that you contact them directly via Facebook or Instagram (links are provide below). Thanks!


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About SHED Talks: 

SHED Talks is the brainchild of a passionate woman with a heart for women and a gift of hospitality. Cheryl (Medford) von Tress -- yes, my maiden name is Medford, like the fair city of our beautific Rogue Valley.

We have a team of five who share this vision for gathering women for learning, inspiration, personal development and encouragement.

SHED Talks is a not-for-profit community event held monthly on the FOURTH MONDAY evening. It offers an opportunity for women to share their stories, journeys, insights, and life knowledge in an open forum. Featured speaker talks are about 15-25 minutes. Panelist talks are about 5-10 minutes each. Some featured talks will lead to group interaction in various ways, thus engaging anyone who wants to participate or gain more information from the speaker, the panel and the group as a whole. Women are welcomed to let our team know they would like to speak or to recommend speakers and topics of interest. 

SHED Talks is a gathering for women (co-ed events are being envisioned as well). Each month a featured presenter or two or a featured presenter and a panel of women will share interesting, inspiring and valuable content. Connections with women are made through opportunities for interchange. Community is developed through providing a welcoming environment of respect, honor and delight. Each monthly event offers a relaxing, fun time where women can enjoy the evening any way they choose -- interact and engage, or simply attend. There is no pressure to engage in a specific way!

 SHED Talks -- the why is this: women have a lot to express, they need a safe, honoring place to do this and other women and eventually men, at times, need to benefit from their content shared. To build community (literally: “with unity”), we need time together where we listen and take away something of value that creates bridges and bonds between us. There is no spirit of competition at SHED Talks. That is another reason driving the WHY of this unique community event.

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About February's Event

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An evening for women to gather around food and fun. Enjoy three young ballet dancers with pieces choreographed specifically for them. Watch/learn some simple dance moves to enjoy at home to music. Be inspired by a visual artist. Express yourself from interesting writing prompts.


What's not to love?!! Join us for a terrific February event! Feb 24th @ 5:30pm - 8:00pm. This event is free, but we encourge you to enjoy the delicious food and amazing drinks that Grape Street Bar & Grill offers. You can order off the full menu for food and drinks.




Grape Street Bar & Grill

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